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60 Sights in 60 Minutes Historic Tour in Corinth, Mississippi

With an important Civil War legacy, stunning historic homes, a vibrant downtown, and more, visitors can spend days exploring Corinth, Mississippi. Fortunately, you can enjoy it all during a quick visit as well. Whether you’re making the most of a short trip or simply want to get outside on a beautiful day, Visit Corinth suggests the 60 Sights in 60 Minutes historic tour. In just an hour, you’ll see many key sites in Corinth’s history, including numerous buildings constructed in the 1800s.

A Stroll Through History

The 60 Sites in 60 Minutes historic tour’s route stretches about a mile, making it a comfortable walk for most. In this short distance, you’ll see over 55 historic homes and buildings that are more than 100 years old, including 37 constructed in the 1800s. These include structures in the Federal, Gothic, Revival, and Colonial Revival styles, allowing you to take a step back in time and enjoy the beauty of Corinth’s rich architectural legacy.

The tour kicks off at the Crossroads, the juncture of two railroads that made Corinth a key strategic location for Confederate forces in the Civil War. In addition to historic homes, you’ll also see a variety of compelling landmarks, including:

  • Grant’s headquarters, where the general and several other important figures worked during ongoing military occupations
  • The century-old Coca-Cola bottling plant and museum
  • The Verandah House and grounds, home to key talks that led to the enlistment of African-American soldiers in the Union Army
  • Battery Prime, an earthen fort built after the Battle of Corinth
  • And more…

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