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The American Civil War helped shape Corinth, Mississippi into the beautiful and thriving city that it is today. As Confederate and Union forces collided back in the 1860s, Corinth was caught in the middle on more than one occasion. Browse the Visit Corinth website to discover all the landmarks that were once so pivotal to the fate of this great country. 

War Breaks Out in Corinth 

As it is today, it’s hard to picture Corinth as a battleground. But during the Civil War, that’s exactly what it was. It’s probably best known for the Siege of Corinth that took place in 1862, when the city was occupied by the Union Army. Streets became riddled with trenches, wells and batteries as they fought to keep the Confederates at bay. With tension mounting, it was only a few short months later that fire broke out in the Battle of Corinth, which resulted in the surrender of Confederate General Van Dorn. 

But those events weren’t Corinth’s only brush with war. It was also involved with the Battle of Shiloh and the Battle of Iuka, both of which occurred not far from the city’s limits. So why did army generals choose Alcorn County and the surrounding areas to target, again and again? Because of its central location. Corinth was a major railroad junction that would prove critical for transporting troops and supplies during the war – making it a prime location to lay siege. 

Signs of Corinth’s History

Remnants of the war live on today through the many museums and relics located throughout the city. If you have the chance, visit these places and get the full experience of Corinth’s history.  

  • Shiloh National Military Park – Tour the site of one of the bloodiest battles in American history. Check out living history events, surviving artifacts and special museum exhibits.
  • Corinth National Cemetery – These burial grounds are home to thousands of heroic soldiers who perished in the Civil War, including 4,000 unknown soldiers. 
  • Crossroads Museum – Learn more about the city’s railroad junction and its involvement during the war. 
  • Civil War Interpretive Center – Explains how central Corinth was to the Civil War’s western theater.
  • Contraband Camp – Commemorates a Union camp where African-American refugees were enlisted as teamsters, cooks, and laborers.

Visit Corinth

If you’re planning a trip to Corinth, be sure to schedule time to experience the city’s fascinating Civil War history. Whether you need help choosing things to do or places to stay or dine, Visit Corinth can help. Contact us today with any questions.   

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