Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center

Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center in Corinth, Mississippi

Take a step into history as you visit the Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center. This educational Corinth attraction immerses you into our rich history and brilliantly illustrates how a railroad junction played a critical role in the American Civil War in 1862. Visit Corinth details the attractions this learning center has to offer guests visiting from Tennessee, Mississippi, and beyond.

The Facility

A 15,000 sq-ft facility, Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center is one of the National Park Service’s newest visitor centers. It aims to accurately interpret the key role of Corinth in the Western Theatre of the American Civil War. Located near the Battery Robinett site, this center stands close to where some of the fiercest fighting of the Battle of Corinth ensued. It allows visitors to get an authentic feel and a better understanding of the surroundings when they learn about the pivotal battles that impacted the course of American history.

As you walk up to the center by way of ascending walkway, you are greeted by bronze replicas reflecting the aftermath of the famous battle that occurred here. Once guests reach the building’s entrance, they pass six bronze Civil War soldiers marching into the center.

Guests have access to an obelisk, a four-sided narrow monument that stands in tribute to Colonel William P. Rogers of the 2nd Texas Infantry, who courageously attempted to ascend the walls of the Battery and claim it for the Confederacy. Also buried at this site are four unknown Confederate soldiers who bravely perished in battle.

Key Features

As you walk through Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center, you will enjoy the variety of learning platforms it offers its guests. Some of the most popular features for your historic itinerary include:

  • Interactive exhibits: Guests can enjoy engaging and interactive exhibits of the Battle of Shiloh and the Battle of Corinth.
  • Multimedia presentations: For those who want to engross themselves in history, guests will enjoy the multimedia presentations offered.
  • Courtyard exhibit: Guests can visit and sit by the extensive courtyard exhibit that is home to a beautiful water feature commemorating 200 years of American history. You can take this opportunity for a moment of silence to celebrate the bravery of the fallen soldiers.
  • Auditorium: The interpretative center houses a 75-seat auditorium that hosts numerous educational presentations.
  • Public research library: If you are someone who enjoys reading historic accounts, visit the public research library. Here, you can dive into American history and learn as much as you would like with our vast selection of books and other research tools.
  • Gift shop/ bookstore: Take a piece of history home with you by purchasing an item from our gift shop and bookstore. It’s a great way to commemorate a truly memorable visit.

Learn a Piece of Corinth History at Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center

Whether you’re a history buff from Tennessee, Mississippi, or another area, you will want to visit this popular Corinth attraction. With a variety of learning platforms and interactive exhibits, guests can get a first-hand glimpse into the rich history Corinth is known for. Visit Corinth is your guide to all local attractions and visitor information. If you have any questions about planning a trip to Corinth, MS, please contact us today and we will happily assist.

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