Corinth Attractions for History Buffs in Mississippi and Tennessee

A railroad junction with two crossing rails in the center and two rails on either side

The invention of railroads forever changed the United States. The impact of these changes is most apparent in Corinth, known as the “Crossroads of the South.” To learn about the impact railroads had on the development of the city, the Crossroads Museum goes into detail on how railroads transformed Corinth into the destination that it is.

From the city’s role in the Civil War to the famous people born here, this museum lays the groundwork for you to learn. You can also find out about foods that have people coming back for more and how railroads functioned when they were the backbone of America’s transportation.

Laying the Foundation and Groundwork

To understand the elements that forged Corinth, you need to have a good sense of the area’s geography. To lay that foundation, the first exhibit of the museum explains the geology, geography, and general prehistory of the area so that you can better understand how Corinth’s natural landmarks ultimately shaped the city’s future. Included in this are also artifacts from some of the first people to settle on the land: the Chickasaw Tribe.

Living the Railroad Life

Founded around the junction of two major rail lines, Mobile & Ohio and Memphis & Charleston, Corinth became home to countless workers and people whose jobs were devoted to different parts of the rail system. The influence railroads had on the development of the budding city was undeniable. There are several exhibits dedicated to these aspects of development and their lasting impact on the city, including:

  • The Railroad Workforce: To pay tribute to the lives of conductors, engineers, firemen, and the support crew who made sure that all the passing trains could run smoothly, the museum holds a large exhibit that talks about their lives, professions, and what a typical day included.
  • The Passenger Experience: Because of Corinth’s beginnings as a junction town, exhibits showcase parts of this life with an original ticket counter, a display of the famous Waldron Hotel, and other aspects of what a passenger would experience.
  • The Famous Crossroads: The experience wouldn’t be the same without being able to see the original crossroads. With a dedicated viewing area as well as a designated place to walk near the tracks, you can see, firsthand, the view that the citizens and passengers of Corinth once saw.

Famous People With Roots in Corinth

There have been a handful of people from Corinth who would grow up to carve names for themselves within their own fields. To honor these people, the Crossroads Museum has exhibits designed to inform visitors of the noteworthy accomplishments, including the following:

  • Henry Moore: A world traveler who was known for being somewhat eccentric often came back to Corinth, and with the fortune he had amassed through mining, founded the very first museum in the city. The museum was for all of the exotic findings from his journeys.
  • Roscoe Turner: Born in 1895, Roscoe Turner became one of the most prolific aviators in the 1930s. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in 1952 for the many contributions he made toward aviation. Roscoe was also named to the National Aviation Hall of Fame.
  • Don Blasingame: Born in 1932, Don Blasingame became a major league baseball player, playing second base for well over a decade. His time in the St. Louis Cardinals earned him an All-Star invitation in 1958. In 1980, he was named to the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame.
  • Jackie Simpson: Born in 1936, Jackie Simpson became a skilled football player in both the United States and Canada. He began his career by playing for the University of Mississippi before moving across the country, even playing in the Canadian football league. He went on to earn All-Star recognition twice in Canada before returning to the United States to coach for the NFL.

Make the Most Out of a Visit to Corinth

No matter if your passion lies in the history and impact of the Civil War, famous sports players, or the vibrant cuisine, you will be able to find an exhibit to enjoy at the Crossroads Museum in Corinth, MS. The museum is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for everyone and has a $5 entry fee for adults. Seniors, students, and military members have reduced entry prices. Children under 16 can enter for free. If you’re curious about what else this historical town has, look at the Things to Do page for some ideas. If you have any questions, contact us at Visit Corinth.

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