Carbs in Corinth

Whether you’re refueling after a long day of strolling around Corinth, you’re planning a big night out and need a solid base, or you simply crave carbs, you’ll find plenty of the best carb delights in Corinth! We’ve combined the best list of carb-y pleasures that Corinth has to offer so you don’t have to overthink it the next time you need to get your carbs on!

  1. Pizza from Pizza Grocery
    If you’re looking for the best pizza in Corinth, then look no further than Pizza Grocery. They have a truly massive selection of tasty and inventive red and white pizzas that will totally quell your carb craving. Pizza Grocery is proud to offer flavor profile for everyone in your family, too! From your meat-loving father (the Mighty Meat will be his favorite), to your child who’s strictly a vegetarian (hello, Vegetable or Fungi Pie), you’re sure to find a pizza that will hit the spot for everyone in your crew.
  1. Lobster Ravioli with Vodka Sauce from Vicari
    If you’re looking for a rich, carb-laden, decadent dish to satisfy your passion for pasta, you simply must try Vicari Italian Grill’s heavenly Lobster Ravioli with Vodka Sauce. The combination of the lobster and the fresh vodka sauce sings in your mouth as the flavor profiles combine to make for a truly outstanding and beautifully balanced dish. And even if you’re not into seafood, Vicari has a wealth of other carb-tastic classic dishes you’ll love like their homemade Lasagna or their practically famous Chicken Parmesan. Whatever you choose, you’ll definitely be treating yourself!


  1. Tamales from Dilworth’s Tamales
    Every visit to Corinth should involve a stop at Dilworth’s Tamales for one of their renowned tamales! From mild to hot, these tasty tamales pack a wallop of flavor. Starring a pillowy soft masa harina dough, Dilworth’s has you covered for wonderfully authentic, oh-so-filling tamales! Go inside the restaurant for superb service or swing through their drive-thru for an on-the-go treat that’s sure to add a little spice to your Corinth experience!
  1. Sausage Biscuit from Miss Magnolia’s
    What better way to kick off your morning than with a sausage biscuit from Miss Magnolia’s? For only $1.69 (unbeatable!), you’re filling up one of the finest biscuits this side of the Mississippi. As a major bonus, the folks at Miss Magnolia’s are always happy to offer up their special brand of Southern hospitality with friendly, family-oriented service sure to start your day with a smile! 
  1. Slugburger from Borroum’s Drug Store 
    Oh, the Slugburger. If you’re a Corinthian, you’ll know the fascinating origin behind the famous burger crafted from ground pork, soymeal, and spices. But for those not in the know, these illustrious burgers were created in the Depression era to extend the pork in the burger as meat prices were so high at the time. Borroum’s still serves these throwback burgers as a testament to the time these burgers were sold for a slug (old-time lingo for a nickel), and they are a Magnolia State must when it comes to carbs found almost exclusively in Corinth! 

No one does carbs like Corinth, so next time you’re in town, be sure to stop by these restaurants to carb load with the some of the very best eats in Mississippi! And when you need a cozy place to crash after you’ve satisfied your cravings, be sure to book a stay at one of our awesome local accommodations by clicking here!

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