Christmas in Corinth – Where to Shop for Everyone on your “Nice” List

Christmas shopping is a subtle art. But in the “shop from home” age, endless scrolling and limitless options can have us second guessing our choices. 

Shopping for our loved ones shouldn’t be a hassle. A gift bought and given with joy is the best kind of gift there is!

In Corinth, Mississippi, you’ll find a boutique, emporium, craft store, and market to match each and every name on your “nice” list. Better still, searching for a great gift among Corinth’s charming, locally-owned business community is guaranteed to put you in a better mood than the 25 open tabs of your internet browser!

For the Fashionista

Staying up-to-date on fashion can feel a bit like trying out outrun the sun. But for the fashionistas in your life, Corinth has all the latest trends. 

Ravishing Ruby is dedicated to the latest in effortlessly chic styles. From chenille sweaters to tie-dye cardigans, distressed skinny jeans to fantastic flares, you’ll find what you need to put a smile on your favorite fashionista’s face this season at Obsessions.

For the expectant mother or new bundle of joy, Gingers’ 10,000-square-foot showroom has that special something. Browse the cute, but elegant, options for boys and girls sized from infancy to adolescence or grab a chic maternity outfit for the soon-to-be mom in your life. 

For the Outdoor Enthusiast

Runners, hikers, campers, and athletes can’t get enough of the great outdoors. Everyone has a wild child in the family or an impatient athlete with their restless legs bouncing beneath the Christmas table.

Since 1969, Lonnie’s Sporting Goods has kept the movers moving and shakers shaking. Lonnie’s has the latest in running shoes and sporting equipment for athletes, hiking boots and lightweight packs for campers, and the hottest brands in athletic/outdoor apparel for every time of year.

Hats, traps, hunting blinds, and fleece pullovers—whatever your outdoor enthusiast desires can be found at Lonnie’s.

For the Guys’ Guy

Most people spend the day after Christmas eating the last bits of holiday ham or watching TV. Some of us, however, prefer to wake before dawn, walk out into the woods, and take it all in.

True to its name, 2nd Amendment Outdoors specializes in a dizzying assortment firearms, camo gear, and proud American apparel. 

At 2nd Amendment, you’ll find glass cases brimming with pistols, rifles, shotguns, and bows for a chance at giving that “big gift.” Camo gear for every environment hangs on the walls while bait and tackle supplies mimicking every frog, fish, and worm can be had alongside rod and reel.

An indoor archery range and hunting simulator give shoppers a chance to get in on the fun!

For Your Favorite Niece/Nephew

Corinth’s own Love & a Dog is that special kind of boutique where you’ll find unique clothing, gifts, and accessories for all ages (and even treats and treasures for your pup). 

Who doesn’t love a new pair of adorable pajamas or a charming thermal tumbler at Christmas? Even the family’s best friend can get in on the action with dog and cat treats, stylish collar tags, a “Life is Good” leash, or a college football collar!

The similarly named Shirley Dawg’s has all the trendy youth clothing and brand name apparel your nieces and nephews love. From Patagonia outerwear to soft-as-silk hoodies, downhome dresses and handsome button-up shirts, Shirley Dawg’s offerings can’t be beat!

For your Heroic Mother/Aunt

Christmas is a time to celebrate the usually unsung heroes in our life—those courageous women to whom we owe our very existence.

Southern Magnolia Home is practically designed for the decorator and homemaker in your life. This “Southern chic” emporium has the homestead covered from kitchen to parlor with the latest in fabulous décor, serving accessories, distressed tableware, and deceptively simple jewelry.

For the mom or aunt who deserves it all, Lip Chic provides a gorgeous collection of HOBO bags perfect for the superwoman on the go. And be sure to check out Lip Chic’s selection of relaxing bath sugars, aromatic soap, and downright addictive candles, all of which will make it that much easier for the hero in your life to take a load off.

Christmas in Corinth

No matter who you’re shopping for, you’ll find the ideal gift at any one of Corinth’s collaborative, supportive, locally-owned boutiques and shops! Why use your mouse and keyboard when you can get out yourself and have a little fun?

Corinth is committed to public health and safety measures to keep you comfortable as you browse for Christmas gifts this holiday season. Put a smile on your face and faces of small business owners as you search for that special gift to light up the life of your loved ones!

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