The Rich History of Corinth

Founded more than 160 years ago in Alcorn County, Mississippi, Corinth has a long history in the South. After playing a prominent role in the American Civil War, Corinth today is a treasure trove of historical sites, monuments and artifacts just waiting for history buffs to explore. Visit Corinth invites you to step back in time and experience a piece of United States history as you walk the same paths that our ancestors paved before us.

Corinth during the Civil War

When the American Civil War broke out in the early 1860s, Corinth was caught in the center of the action. At the time, the city served as a major junction between the Mobile and Ohio Railroad and the Memphis and Charleston Railroad. These railroads were used by Confederate generals to mobilize troops, deliver supplies and strategize battles.

At least 300,000 troops — the largest aggregate number of troops ever assembled in the Western Hemisphere — were moving in or around Corinth as the Civil War played out. As a result, Corinth often found itself at the center of some of the war’s most integral battles. After the bloody Battle of Shiloh on April 6-7, 1862, Corinth became a hospital center for wounded soldiers. And when the Union Army closed in on the Confederates near Farmington, Corinth was less than 10 miles outside the line of fire.

Outside View of Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center

Corinth Becomes a Battleground

As war continued to wage around Corinth, it wasn’t long before the city itself got turned into a battleground. These events, which are forever etched into the fabric of American history, include:

  • The Siege of Corinth – In late spring of 1862, the Union Army occupied Corinth after the Confederates evacuated, building trenches, wells and batteries to fortify themselves against attack.
  • The Battle of Iuka – When forces collided in September at the Battle of Iuka — which took place just 20 miles outside of Corinth — men from Corinth went to join the fight. Afterwards, Corinth continued to serve as base camp for troops.
  • The Battle of Corinth – After months of buildup, the battle was finally brought to Corinth. On October 3-4, 1862, Confederates advanced and attacked the Union Army. They fought at the old Confederate earthworks, several batteries in and around town and near the White House. After two days of fire, Confederate General Van Dorn was forced to retreat.

Discover More on the History of Corinth

From the start of the Civil War to the end, Corinth remained a key player for both sides of the battle. Now, tourists can relive history and dive deep into the city’s role by visiting sites like the Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center, Corinth National Cemetery and Corinth Contraband Camp. For a complete list of must-see historical stops, contact Visit Corinth today.

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