Corinth in the Open Air – Best Al Fresco Dining Spots

In any regular year, the onset of autumn would find us strolling breezy streets or sipping our pumpkin-spiced beverage of choice at a cozy cafe. By contrast, 2020 has created more than a few challenges in fully embracing the fall. 

How can we get out, dine, and enjoy the crisp weather without taking any undue risks? What hope is there for experiencing new cuisine on a daytrip or over a weekend?

Corinth, Mississippi, offers an answer. With a hot foodie scene and abundant natural venues for outside dining and entertainment, Corinth puts itself on the map as a premier al fresco paradise. From historic landmarks to community gardens, treelined city parks and beyond, there’s no shortage of picnic tables or soft, green lawns in Corinth.

For a safe getaway featuring one-of-a-kind meals and stunning natural scenery, try these restaurant and public space pairings in Corinth.

Trailhead Park

Rail Crossing-Trailhead Park combines scenery with history to create a lunchtime experience unlike any other. A Civil War Heritage Site, Trailhead Park overlooks the intersection of the Memphis Charleston and Mobile Ohio railroads—a crucial crossing for which the Battle of Shiloh was fought. Today, the site is a quiet, contemplative historical landmark featuring interpretive exhibits and several famous hiking and biking trails.

Complement your walk through the past with a to-go order from Borroum’s Drug Store—another local landmark. Open since 1865, Borroum’s Drug Store is famous for its Depression-era “Slugburger” and fries as well as old-school malts and desserts.

C.A.R.E. Garden Caboose

The C.A.R.E organization (Corinth-Alcorn Reaching for Excellence) has participated in a dozen charitable and public works projects throughout the last decade. With the goal of improving its community, C.A.R.E erected its Honor Garden & Depot Complex for the enjoyment of all.

Among the beautiful garden and lush lawns stands the bright red C.A.R.E Caboose—a vintage car bearing the name of the Mobile Ohio line. Climb aboard for a brief look around, but don’t miss out on some nearby picnic tables for a magical (and comfortable) meal.

A to-go ribs platter and homemade key lime pie from Bucks BBQ & Burgers accentuates the abundant Americana and brings the local history back to life.

Corinth City Park

Under normal circumstances, visitors to Corinth City Park might hear the ding of aluminum bats and the cries of eager spectators. This year, the park is still used for unofficial play of all kinds and serves as a top outdoor dining spot with views of lawns and trees.

Home to numerous baseball diamonds and football/soccer fields, Corinth City Park also sports playgrounds and wide green areas with an array of picnic tables. With this much room to spread out, an early evening feast from Russel’s Smith Steak House is sure to match the scenery.

Order a classic cut of beef to go or explore the seafood options featuring catfish, shrimp and grits, and even blackened mahi mahi.

C.A.R.E. Garden

Home to the previously mentioned Caboose, the C.A.R.E Garden is also a lovely natural space in its own right. Opening up behind a bronze statue of a train conductor celebrating Corinth’s railroad significance, the Honor Garden invites visitors to throw out a blanket and enjoy the curated greenery and bright blue skies.

For a sundown supper, you can’t go wrong with tacos and queso from V Taco. This casual local hangout serves up margaritas and all your favorite Mexican fare perfect for a delightful dinner at dusk.

Enjoy Corinth Al Fresco

For the best of both worlds—safety and enjoyment—take your meal to-go in Corinth. With this many wonderful outdoor venues, you can eat, learn, laugh, and have a blast with total confidence. Why risk anything at all when you can have a new (and memorable) experience instead? #EnjoyCorinthSafely #VisitMSResponsibly 

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