We want to keep you safe.

In this time of uncertainty, preservation of the safety, health, and wellbeing of our communities is a priority for us all.  We are in constant communication with our local and state officials, and are working to provide the most updated local information about the current response to the COVID-19 health crisis.

Several of our favorite Corinthian attractions and eateries are beginning to responsibly reopen – as you visit and support, please know that we’re all in this together! Practice patience and kindness.

Curious about our restaurants’ availability, and their approach going forward? Find out more here.

Check out some ideas of how to #enjoycorinth safely with us!

Remember: if you leave home, know your Ws!

We encourage everyone to support small businesses safely, and we want to make it as easy to do that as we can! Locally owned small businesses are the heart of our town, and many travel destinations we all love.

Even if you aren’t traveling right now, you can show support! If you’re able, buy a voucher from a local hotel, order something from a boutique’s online store, or get a gift card from a local restaurant. You can also leave a review, post a photo from the last time you visited, or make a recommendation to a friend. No gesture is too small!

We look forward to welcoming visitors to Mississippi’s scenic outdoors and numerous tourism offerings throughout the state. Guests are advised to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines while both traveling to and visiting our beautiful state. Safe practices include washing hands regularly with soap and water, minimizing close contact with others, maintaining a minimum of six feet of social distance from others, and wearing masks where mandated.

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