Restaurant Safety Measures in Corinth, Mississippi

In Corinth, Mississippi, eating local is one of our favorite pastimes. The town is full of great eats, from Italian pasta and burgers to the state’s oldest soda fountain. Since COVID-19 appeared, many of our local restaurants closed. Now that they’re reopening, Visit Corinth feels it’s important to keep our community aware of the steps the town and state are taking to keep restaurant dining safe.

The New Normal of Culinary Experiences

If you’ve been missing the chance to eat out at Corinth’s restaurants, you don’t need to wait any longer. Nearly all of the restaurants have reopened at 50% capacity. Those that haven’t – including Borroum’s Drug Store Soda Fountain, Abe’s Grill, Juju & Crista’s Shrimpboat Café, and Café Mikes – are open for takeout.

While dining in Corinth, we hope that guests are respectful of employees and other visitors. Establishments are doing everything they can to offer a pleasant and safe experience, but some of that depends on your cooperation. This includes six-foot distancing, wearing a mask when appropriate, and hand sanitization. By taking these simple steps, you can ensure your visit is safe for you and everyone around you.

Socially Distanced Dine-In

Restaurants in Corinth are fully dedicated to the safety of their guests and employees alike. They now follow the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local governments, which include:

  • No table will seat more than six people so that dining parties can stay six feet apart at all times.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available to customers and employees. Employees must sanitize their hands before entering the restaurant and between each customer served.
  • Each dining area must be disinfected after every use, and common areas and surfaces must be cleaned regularly.
  • To prevent contamination, condiments will be available on request in single-use portions and disposable containers.
  • Some locations will switch to disposable menus.
  • All employees must pass a health screening before entering the restaurant.

Local Takeout Favorites

For those who would rather dine in the safety of home or their hotel room, Corinth also offers a range of takeout options that you’ll love. Here are some of our top recommendations:

Abe’s Grill

Abe’s Grill is a family-run restaurant that’s been a local institution for over 40 years, serving homemade breakfast, burgers, sandwiches, and fantastic corn dogs.

Borroum’s Drug Store and Soda Fountain

Borroum’s Drug Store and Soda Fountain is the oldest soda fountain in Mississippi. It’s best known for slugburgers and shakes, but it also serves burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

Pizza Grocery

Though it sounds like a grocery store, Pizza Grocery is actually a casual Italian restaurant with a cozy interior and a full menu of tasty dishes.

Vicari Italian Grill

Enjoy an upscale meal from Vicari Italian Grill. A great choice for lunch or dinner, Vicari offers a menu full of exciting choices to suit every palate – not just Italian.


smith. is fine dining done casually. Its menu is full of unique twists on traditional Southern cuisine, and it offers a full bar of great spirits, wine, and craft beer.

Enjoy Your Dining Experience

We hope you’ll enjoy your distanced dining experiences in Corinth, Mississippi. As the situation continues to evolve, businesses are keeping tabs and updating plans daily. Please don’t hesitate to contact Visit Corinth with any questions about safety guidelines, dining opportunities, or open restaurants.

Local Favorites

Eating local is our FAVORITE thing. Our complete list of available restaurants is here, but if you’re going to be in our area, here are our recommendations for takeout you’ll love.

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