Sip and Stroll – Cocktails and History in Corinth

From the cafes of Paris to the raucous bars of New Orleans, there’s something to be said for a stout drink, a little shopping, and a crisp walk. A certain kind of magic occurs when strolling through historic streets with an adult beverage in hand. History becomes more palatable and the sights sing a little sweeter!

Corinth, Mississippi, has thrown its hat into the ring as a premier destination for both strolling and sipping. By combining a to-go cup district with a digitally assisted stroll past historic homes and churches, Corinth is quickly joining the fabled cities of the world where sightseeing becomes a celebration!

The Starting (Shopping) Point

Corinth’s 60 Sights in 60 Minutes digital map can be used on any handheld smart device. Your route begins on Wick Street—the very heart of Corinth’s boutique district.

Here, you’ll find charming, locally owned shops featuring seasonal attire, handmade accessories, footwear, and home décor. Shirley Dawg’s sells men’s and women’s apparel spanning over 70 brands, while Lipchic Boutique specializes in designer clothing and exquisite jewelry. 

As you work your way along the route up N. Fillmore St., you’ll pass Joe’s Shoe Store—the oldest of its kind in Mississippi. After 80 years of business, Joe knows shoes. You’ll find men’s loafers, women’s platforms, kid’s sneakers, and much more at Joe’s.

The Drinks

Before hitting the bars, you’ll pass the first two stops on Corinth’s 60 Sights in 60 Minutes map. 

First, the Crossroads—a railroad junction of immense significance during the Civil War. The nearby Crossroads Museum displays Native American and Civil War artifacts while the second stop, the Historic Memphis and Charleston Railroad markers, provide a glimpse into railways of the past.

After a dash of shopping and history, you’re ready for refreshment! Both Vicari Italian Grill and its sister location Conservatory by Vicari sit along or just a little off the beaten path. For shockingly good cuisine and to-go cocktails, wine, and beer, these two stops are an absolute must.

Continuing with the tour, you’ll pass through Trailhead Park, Corinth’s Coca-Cola Museum, and the Corinth City hall built on the site Houston Mitchell house where Ulysses S. Grant once headquartered. The nearby Verandah House was once used for the enlistment of newly freed and escaped slaves into the Union Army—an experiment that redefined the war and the nation.

Pit Stop

Once you pass the Verandah House, you’ll likely need a refill. At Smith. Restaurant downtown, you’ll find a full bar and plenty of beers on tap to prepare you for the next leg of your historic walking tour!

At no. 24 on the list, the Fillmore Street Chapel enjoys the distinction of “most photographed spot in Corinth.” The church was originally founded beneath a brush arbor by the Rev. Edward C. Gillenwaters in 1857. In 1871, the congregation moved into the chapel, where it’s since transformed into the First United Methodist Church. 

The Rest of the Loop

At nearly 150 years old, the Fillmore Street Chapel shines as the oldest church in town. Swiss Architect Martin Siegrist is responsible for the towering steeple, the jutting windows, and the red and white brickwork that gives the building its incredible presence. 

Your loop brings you back once again to Smith. Restaurant, this time as an adventurer through history. The same barroom you’ve visited once before used to be the old Tishomingo Savings and Loan building where Jesse James and his brother, in masks and with pistols blaring, made off with tens-of-thousands of dollars.

Along the rest of the route, you’ll see gorgeous houses in nearly every conceivable style, hundred-year-old jewelry stores, Borroum’s Drug Store—an old-fashioned diner and soda fountain—and the famed Coliseum Theatre.

Together with a to-go cocktail, beer, or wine from any of the fine establishments along the route, this stroll through architecture, faith, industry, and war takes on news shades of significance and entertainment. 

Sip and Stroll

After months indoors, what better way to reenter the world than with an informative stroll past boutiques, restaurants, bars, and history itself? In the open air, you can enjoy your time in Corinth with the utmost confidence. #EnjoyCorinthSafely #VisitMSResponsibly 

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