Smith in Corinth, MS

Corinth’s exciting history and rich culinary tradition are on display at Smith, one of the most popular restaurants in the downtown area. For the last few years, Smith has exemplified the fine dining that Corinth has to offer with its extensive menu of classic Southern dishes and homemade specialties. Want to learn more about this historic location and the food it serves? Visit Corinth has you covered.

A Part of History

The building that houses Smith today was built in 1869, serving as a bank and printery before the restaurant was founded. Just a few years after the building was constructed and the Tishomingo Savings Institution opened its doors, it was robbed by a group of bandits that included the infamous Jesse James. Soon after, the Rankin Printery took over and was in operation for almost the entire 20th century. The owners of Smith kept some details that pay homage to the building’s history, such as the typewriter hanging from the wall and the font of the menus that look like it was typed out on one of the old machines.

Family Eating At Restaurant

What’s on the Menu?

On the menu at Smith, you’ll find plenty of traditional Southern dishes that feature a few modern twists. Some dishes take influence from further regions, such as Cajun cuisine from Louisiana. But many of the meals include local Mississippi favorites, such as slug bites, which are a Corinth specialty, or the shrimp and grits, which uses grits from the Mississippi Delta. Of course there is catfish on the menu, which is raised in the state and can be served either grilled or blackened. Along with the many delicious entrées, you’ll also find an abundant selection of appetizers, salads, mac and cheeses, and a rotating dessert menu that will give you that feeling of Southern comfort.

Heading Upstairs

If you are looking for an even more relaxed environment or a nightcap after a good meal, then you should hang out at Smith’s bar area located upstairs. The bar can be accessed either from the main dining area or separately, with a balcony that gives a great view of downtown Corinth. There is an emphasis on craft beer at the bar, with over 20 different brews to choose from, many of which are from local, in-state breweries. In addition, there is a full list of mixed drink and wine selections, along with a condensed bar menu so you can snack while you drink. Entertainment is provided on most nights, with live music being performed on weekends and trivia nights held on Thursdays.

Dig In

At Smith, you can expect some of the best fine dining that Corinth has to offer, while also enjoying some of the city’s past. With the original floors, ceilings, and elegant brick walls still intact, you’ll be able to enjoy a nice night out with a group of friends or your special someone. Corinth is home to many excellent dining options for you to try out whenever you’re in town.

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