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The Coke 10K race is one of the most exciting and longest-running Corinth events. Held every year on the first Saturday of May, more than 1,000 participants from all over the South lace up and take to the streets for a morning of fitness, fun and the chance to take home some prize money and a trophy. Find out more about how the race plays a role in the community with an overview from Visit Corinth.


The Coke 10K race has been run in Corinth for over 35 years. The first race was held back in 1982, and has taken place every year since, making it the longest consecutively run 10K race in the state of Mississippi. Given Coca-Cola’s history in the town, the company is an appropriate sponsor. In 1907, the town was granted a license to start bottling the popular drink, facilitating the creation of the Coca-Cola Bottling Works of Corinth. Since then, the company has expanded into bottling other drinks and handling food vending. Today, it is one of less than 60 Coca-Cola plants in the country to still be privately owned.

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About the 10K

Runners enjoy the serene views along the racecourse, which travels through residential areas of Corinth. The trees lining most of the course provide shade to keep runners cool, and the path avoids the many railroads in the town for a smooth run. This scenic course led Running Times Magazine to name the Coke 10K as “One of the Great 100 Short Races.”

There are plenty of ways to earn recognition by running in the Coke 10K. Over $4,000 is given out in prize money for both the male and female categories. Prizes are awarded to the top five finishers overall in each gender, as well as the top three wheelchair finishers. The first place winner in the Masters (over 40 years old) category and the Grand Masters (over 50 years old) category also receive a prize. In addition to the money, these winners are awarded a trophy signifying their accomplishment.

The rest of the prize money is divvied up between the top three winners in each age group above 25 years old for both men and women. Age groups are divided into five-year segments starting at age five and continuing until the 80 and over group. This means that there are 12 categories that qualify for prizes and no duplicates with other awards are allowed, giving runners plenty of opportunities to celebrate a big win as they cross the finish line

Kids Get Fit Initiative

Beyond the fun of competition, this annual event provides an excellent opportunity to promote healthier lifestyles among the residents of Corinth. The Coke Kids Get Fit Initiative was started with just this goal in mind, encouraging elementary and middle school students throughout Alcorn County to meet the physical standards set forth by the USDA. The program teaches children about the benefits of healthy living and how to make healthier choices while providing ample opportunities for physical activity. Those registered in the Coke 10K race are encouraged to donate to the initiative, and their contributions exceeded stated goals by nearly $1,000 in 2019 alone.

Take Part in the Action

The Coke 10K race has become a prime destination for runners throughout the South due to Corinth’s beautiful scenery and the competition’s fun-filled atmosphere. Whether you’re visiting Corinth for the race or one of our other attractions, be sure to check out the packed schedule of events to learn more about local happenings during your trip. For additional information about the Coke 10K and other events, contact Visit Corinth today.

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