Slugburgers are a favorite delicacy for Corinthians, and they’re our claim to fame!

A slugburger, made popular during the Great Depression when meat was rather scarce, is a burger made of a mixture of beef and some form of cheaper breading extender. The patty is then deep-fat fried to a golden brown and served with mustard, onion, and pickle (some people even add cheese, but we won’t talk about that). The original version of these burgers were sold for a nickel apiece, hence the name.

You’ll love our slugburgers here in Corinth, so be sure and give them a shot when you visit! You might find they’re an excellent reason to visit Corinth again, and again, and again – why not come back during the Slugburger Festival in July?

That’s right, we have a whole celebration in honor of our favorite Corinthian delicacy – find out more about the Slugburger Festival from our friends at Main Street Corinth!

You can find Slugburgers at any of these amazing local restaurants:

  • Borroum’s Drugstore
  • The White Trolley
  • The Slugburger Cafe
  • Lloyd’s Harper Road Cafe
  • Joe’s Diner

Slugburgers are Famous!

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