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Situated in the Northeast corner of the Magnolia State, Corinth, MS, is a classic Southern town with a lot to offer its residents and guests. Those located throughout Mississippi, Tennessee, and beyond are welcome to take part in the area’s rich history and enjoy what makes Corinth so beautiful. With several noteworthy locations listed on the National Register of Historic Places, people can experience the significance of this great land for themselves. At Visit Corinth, we can also provide a variety of itinerary suggestions for those interested in popular historic Corinth attractions.

Civil War Significance

Coca-Cola Museum At Night You can’t discuss the history of the United States without mentioning the Civil War. It’s the battle that helped shape America into what it is today. And at one point, Corinth was at the heart of it all. For six months during the year 1862, all eyes were set on the critical railroad junction and important transportation center. In your search for things to do in the area, you can make time to learn more about the historical significance of Corinth during the Civil War at the following places:

Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center

Get a detailed glimpse of the key role Corinth played in the Civil War when you visit the Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center. First opened in 2004, this 15,000-sq-ft facility features several interactive exhibits, an engaging multimedia presentation on the Battle of Shiloh, and a video on the Battle of Corinth.

Corinth Contraband Camp

At one time, Union-occupied Corinth was the home to many African Americans who fled Southern plantations and farms seeking freedom and protection. These runaways began to be enlisted by Union General Granville Dodge as cooks, laborers, and teamsters. Men were armed and placed in charge of security at the newly organized camp in Corinth. This led to the formation of the first Alabama Regiment of African Descent. Today, guests can visit this camp to commemorate the events that changed the lives of those who occupied it, considered to be contraband of war.

Verandah-Curlee House ExteriorVerandah-Curlee House

Built in 1857, this home was used during Civil War times as headquarters for Generals Braxton Bragg, H.W. Halleck, and John B. Hood. It is where seven generals, majors, and colonels of the Confederate Army planned their attack on Union troops. Today, the restored home acts as a museum, containing eighteenth and nineteenth-century antiques, paintings, and other items.

Corinth National Cemetery

In an effort to provide a final resting place for those killed in action during the battles for control of the railroad in and around Corinth, the Secretary of War authorized immediate action to establish the Corinth National Cemetery. The beautiful 20-acre piece of land is home to 1,793 known and 3,895 unknown Union soldiers.

Other Historical Corinth Attractions

While Corinth is most famously known for its contributions during the Civil War, there are several other historical places and areas with notable significance for visitors to explore. Additional places worth adding to your itinerary include:

Corinth Coca-Cola Museum

Established over 110 years ago, this former soda-bottling factory is now a museum that features over 1,000 one-of-a-kind Coca-Cola memorabilia items and old-fashioned soda machines from throughout the years. The museum offers free admission year-round where guests can enjoy group and private tours.

Front Of Borroum’s Drug Store And Soda FountainBorroum’s Drug Store & Soda Fountain

A staple in the Corinth community for more than 150 years, Borroum’s is Mississippi’s oldest drug store. It was founded in 1865 by an Army surgeon and features a unique atmosphere with Civil War and Native American artifacts. Guests can visit this historical storefront and treat themselves to a Slugburger.

Walking Tour

Those who wish to take in Corinth at their own pace will enjoy the 60 Sights in 60 Minutes historic walking tour. Starting at the Crossroads, this mile-long tour features over 55 historic homes and buildings, allowing travelers to learn about an earlier time and immerse themselves into Corinth’s rich history.

Enjoy the History of Corinth, MS

Corinth, MS, welcomes guests from all over the state, as well as TN and other areas, to see what makes this part of the country so unique. From historic sites to thrilling events, there are plenty of fun things to do here. For assistance in planning your next trip or for recommendations on places to eat and stay,  contact Visit Corinth today.

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